side by side comparison of two custom patches; left side human hand shows red weaved embroidered woven patch, right side human hand from left pinks new jersey county embroidery logoPATCH MANIA
both keychains together in round next to each other on white printed paper with rings lying up for facebook in blue and whats in green
5 different custom made sports related embroidered patches on white background shows 11 inches wide big alphabet patch representing different America sports clubs in letters. The script overall says ‘VILLAIN’ with each letter shows off different league sport club like V anonymous, I stands for ‘Iowa Hawkeyes’, L stands for ‘Los Angeles Lakers’ over the traditional basketball in yellow, next L shows off for ‘Louisville Cardinals’, the capital A represents ‘Atlanta Angels’, another I reflects ‘Illinois Fighting Illini’ and the last letter big N linking to official logo and color representing ‘New York Mets’. The other four logos under it from the left number one is ‘San Francisco Giants Baseball Club’, number two in bottom square black twill over white thread embroider ‘LONGHORNS BASKETBALL’, the number three it’s left a logo for ‘Arter Member 1901,2001 American League 100 SEASONS, number four on deep right on the picture in custom made sport patch for 2010 World Series Champion.

Perfect Use of Custom Patches for Everyday Life

Everyday Use Of Custom Embroidery To Stand Out Unique Custom…
bulk chenille embroidered large patches show an artwork of two angle babies side by side wearing white top, yellow wings and holding a globe over the head showing U.S flat burning