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bulk chenille embroidered large patches show an artwork of two angle babies side by side wearing white top, yellow wings and holding a globe over the head showing U.S flat burning

Patches Mania is a top-quality custom patch manufacturer. We create top personalized fabric logos and sports Velcro patches at no minimum. No matter if you have a jpeg, png or any other format to get done. Patches mania provides your custom order with exactly the size and colors. Surprisingly, each placed order with us ensures countless digital edits with a guaranteed money-back guarantee. We deliver bulk custom orders at wholesale prices under 7 working days after locking down digital samples. You can place types of patches e.g. embroidered, chenille with all types of backing like heat seal/iron, Velcro, adhesive, and button.

Patches Mania has delivered countless custom-made emblem orders across Britain and America. Our experts have won the hearts of exporters and small businesses by making excellent embroidery, rubber-made tags, keychains, and pullers. We won this trust of mutual understanding through great service.


Embroidery machines for punching a design use specific software, and tools. When it comes to a digital file for an embroidered patch, it’s mostly created on well-known software like “Wilcom” etc.

Similarly, for screen printing on garments and promotional products, it takes vectorizing the design first. Same as digitizing in embroidery, it needs to have a vector file to create a master mold.

Providing on-demand personally made patches, our company also serves digital embroidery and screen printing files. Patches mania has an experienced team to take care of your work. Fortunately, every new customer looking for digitizing or vector service may avail first design free of cost. This a great news for small DIY manufacturers. So, don’t be lazy to avail the amazing offer of DIYing your artwork with us, completely FREE.


Our very talented team includes graphic artists and punching guys with years of experience in the textile industry. With years of experience dealing with custom embroidery methods and punching designs, we are a reliable name in the market.

No matter what type of organization, small or large business you aim to promote through custom-made designs and art. Patches Mania always stands beside you to help every go smoothly. From digital files to actual samples and physical orders at the doorstep, patches mania is your one-stop solution to hire. Above all, our featured work includes a custom logo, patches designed for bikers, jackets, military uniforms, charity, scouts club, and Pvc velcro patches for teams clubs.

 Pricing Plan

Patches Mania gives special pricing for custom-made wholesale patches. We do free-of-cost velcro-hook patches, heat-sealed, adhesive, and excellent quick customer support available 24/7.

New Customers Get 15% Off On the First Order

Free PVC sample: PVC patch needs to have CNC engraved mold, not 100% but we offer 50% flat off for PVC rubber patch physical sample. In case, you are not sure what your custom design looks like, here is the minimum possible cost for a physical sample of Pvc customized patch for a mold.

  • 2 to 4 inches 2D pvc patch – $60
  • up to 5 inches 2D pvc patch – $80
  • 2 to 4 inches 3D pvc patch – $120
  • up to 5 inches 3D pvc patch – $150

Once you pay half the pricing of mold, you may re-order the same design as many times as you want. We keep your mold secure all the time. It avoids an extra burden on you for placing the same order again. This act ensures you have a patch of less than $1.


For customers looking to order more than one patch, we offer different saving bundles including:

  • 50 custom patches (under 5”) for $160
  • 100 custom patches(under 5”) for$200
  • 200 patches(under 5”) for just $320

Our entire pricing is based on “the more you spend, the more value you get” and the maximum number of units lowers the pricing automatically. We take up both single and bulk orders for various small and big factories in the U.S.

To get in touch you can always email your queries at, or “live chat” with our social media team. Here is patches mania available on all major social media platforms:


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  • Majid

    I'm a writer and embroidery enthusiast who is passionate about quality craftsmanship. I feel spiritual to share and review custom made products with a wider audience. I love writing SEO stuff for targeted market.

Blog Author

  • Majid

    I'm a writer and embroidery enthusiast who is passionate about quality craftsmanship. I feel spiritual to share and review custom made products with a wider audience. I love writing SEO stuff for targeted market.