apache red indian artwork 4x4 inches 3D made in multi color pvc

Custom Made Pvc patches put an unachievable feel and endless room to PVC patch makers due to washable and durability. Multi-color choice makes it more in demand for star war lovers, skull images, and especially 3D Police chest and arm placement.

PVC patches are the best alternative to embroidery patches in regards to safety wear. Since it’s waterproof, a custom PVC patch is more durable and for outdoor applications.

Custom Pvc Patch AIRSOFT

4 Color Pvc Patch Details

Custom Airsoft Patch Pvc

2D Pvc Patches

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PVC KeyChains

PVC keychains are another best use of rubber-made patches. Keyrings along with beautiful PVC artwork give the ultimate look for keys.

American’s Favourite

People around the U.S order favorite PVC toys, skulls, superheroes, and 3D animated characters. Ordering custom patches with no minimum quantity is what PVC lovers always looking for.

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    soft rubber made pvc custom patches in an English letter M down on floor and one at the front made in 2 dimensional and multi color red yellow and white on black base, a stitch channel on the edges available

    PVC Manufacturer

    As a leading company for PVC custom patch providers, we receive wholesale rubber patch orders. We create the best quality velcro PVC for the Military and Armed Forces representing a specific department.

    Size & Machinery

    Patches Mania manufactures each size of a custom order for PVC. We have industry-leading experience and a top-quality Pvc patch-making filling machine.

    How Are Pvc Patches Made – Our Cycle Of Production

    Pvc rubber patches are popular for tactical wear most of the time. You must be curious how are they made this soft but sturdy to wear on arm forces and civilian use.

    Let us break this box to uncover how a Pvc custom-made patch is created at our factory.

     Step By Step Explanation

    It has 4 steps overall while heating each color for a multi-color patch is a repeated step though.

    1. Designing
    2. CNC Work
    3. Color Mixing & Filling
    4. Heating

    let’s dig a little more in deep;


    It means to create a software file of a specific design using the software. It could be 2D or 3D, both need a graphics file using Adobe illustrator, ArtCAM/Mastercam, etc.

    adobe illustrator on laptop


    At this phase, we need a customized mold of the design. This brings up some metal and CNC work.

    cnc machining for mold

    Basically, a CNC machine carves a skeleton of the design on iron or aluminum that leaves dips and ups as per the design structure.


    polyurethane is actually a mixture of chemical powder that solidifies into the form of a PVC keychain or tag. We have 3 key ingredients, to begin with

    1. Resin Powder
    2. Oil DOP
    3. Pvc Colors

    Before moving forward, we want to tell you the making of raw material

    Making Of Raw Material

    In a subsidiary form, Pvc is actually a liquid of chemicals made of using the above 3 mentioned ingredients. The fourth ingredient used for shining is Pvc titanium powder. So, the making of colors include;

    • Mixing DOP oil into resin powder of a certain amount
    • Adding Pvc colors as per the numbers and quantity


    At the final step, it’s time to fill in colors in a metal-made mold using needles and injections. It actually works layers-wise.

    As a CNC-made mold is created mirror shaped and upside down. Therefore, we need to fill in the top layer first and gradually to the downward and the base at the end.

    Each color fill needs to be heated to be solid and refill until the design is all done


    Things to Know About Pvc Patches

    Pvc rubber patches are an advanced option compared to weaved patches. Made of sturdy plastic, it can rejuvenate your garments and craft with a look and feel that is impossible with weaving.

    Layers science is like thinking of a coloring book design that has a specific color per design. Adding color to each part of the mold overlaying to the top of each other are called layers.

    Yes, most of the time. However, we have to omit some parts of the design when necessary. You can have better advice by sharing your artwork with us.

    The edges of the 2D patch are 90-degree angles with a flat surface. Whereas, a 3 Dimensional patch is curved up from the top without edges. Plus, they are thicker compared to 2-dimensional patches.

    Pvc patches are nice to such an extent that they won’t blur, break, or plunder. Lightweight; yet reliable, which makes them ideal for outside use. They are generally utilized on military stuff, airsoft gear due to their adaptability.

    • Designing: PVC patch-making starts with designing.
    • CNC: A heavy machinery works like CNC creates a custom mold.
    • Color: Chemical colors are matched to the colors used in the artwork.
    • Filling: fill in colors one by one inside mold as per design.
    • Heating: Each color filled in needs to be heated inside the oven. 

    There are several online services online that provide custom Pvc patches. But you have to inquire well about the shipping cost, minimum quantity, and your needs like 2D or 3D. You can avail of free shipping and sample with discount offers from Patch Mania.

    They work incredibly in any piece of the uniform. You can also utilize them on coats, gloves, caps, packs. 

    The best provider should be pro-active 24/7 and responsive to queries. A manufacturer that owns an in-house setup is recommended. You can avail of discount with us.

    Get the finest craft and mold from patches mania. We use quality material to make delicate patches comparative in look and feel, bringing about the most adaptable and sturdy designs you can discover. We are allowing our clients to catch mind-blowing measures of fine detail in their custom rubber art.

    • Showcase with weaved patch designs
    • Tatooine color palette
    • Enact the Titling Gothic Font Family
    • Initiate the Scriptorama textual style
    • Get the Realistic Embroidery Photoshop advancement at Envato Elements.

    Many organizations present new Velcro patches each day; some are made out of rubber treated PVC material that stops the catching and general obliteration of the patch more so than customary weaved patches.

    With Velcro patches, the patch is essentially positioned on the Velcro and appends thusly. Finding the correct manufacturer, with the correct determination of merchandise, the correct client backing, and the perfect measure of involvement joined with great materials is certainly what should be thought of.

    All that you need to do is connect the patch with the snares onto the circle clasp. Luckily, numerous producers will send your PVC patches with both the snare and circle sides. In this way, you should simply sew or stick the circle clasp onto your garments, at that point, join the PVC patch that has snares.

    Backing for patches is vital, as they help with the application and can help decide the life span of the patch. Sponsorships give security to your patches and can keep going for a long time. Also, the backing is useful when you need to hold a patch set up during the sewing cycle so it doesn’t come out screwy.

    Formally dressed specialists can undoubtedly sew the circle to a clothing thing’s sleeve or chest zone and afterward append a snare latch patch. Our brand patches are machine launder-able and can also be dry-cleaned.

    Hypalon Adhesive: Solvent-based polychloroprene elastic cement gives a high-strength bond when utilized for patches. It is reliable for the maintenance and production of PVC patches.

    Acquire glue or texture stick from your local retailer and basically press a layer of glue onto the rear of the weaved patch. Spot immovably on the custom cap and hold for 30 seconds or more. Done.

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