As a printing shop converting a random image into a vector is a must-do job. As the world of communication and marketing grows, the demand for vectorizing an image into a vector is rapidly increasing too. A vector artist ensures jpeg images into illustrating vector for flexibility in terms of resolution.

Let’s go through some facts when it comes to turning a jpeg file into a vector.

Selection Of Software

The very first step to do is choosing the right software. A software convert png, bitmap, or jpg file into a vector format.

Image Vectorization

Any image that we have on a computer or cell phone consists of dots and pixels. It does not have structure basically. Since it stands over film grains it pixelates whenever we try to print it on a large scale.

Solution: A quick photoshop working on it called ‘vectorizing’ converts them into a structured format and enables an image to print with perfect quality.

File Format

The basic file format for screen printing vector is Ai (Stands for AdobeIllustrator), EPS, DXF, or SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). That is the outcome of any jpeg image that is consisting of different shapes, curves, triangles, etc. This process is called converting raster images into vectors.

Now let us tell you how to vectorize an image into a vector following some easy steps.

Tracing Via Photoshop

An artist has to commit his job smartly tracing the image using “Pen Tool”. This is found in most photoshop software, mainly in Adobe Illustrator.

If you are a DIYer and likes to do your job yourself, you can also photoshop vectorize image following the basic guidelines mentioned above. There are several videos on Youtube that let you know how to do it step by step. You can also send your files to and let us do your job in a few hours.

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