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Screen printing is a kind of business that can still carry on even the worst pandemics. Since the deadly virus holds you back in homes you can do digital screen printing without going outside. There is still a way the fashion industry can last due to home based nature.

You can order custom dresses and t-shirts by simply designing the vector file on illustrator and ordering it online from the service provider offering screen printing services on garments.

Vector File for Screen Printing

Screen printing on garments is a process in which vector image or AI file is printed on the garments by using thick inks that lay on the top of t-shirts and garments instead of soaking into the t-shirts and garments.

How It Works

There is a certain process of how you can screen print yourself. Let’s see what happens step by step to do screen printing easily.

  1. When the Ai file is screen printed on the t-shirt, a thin mesh is stretched tightly over a frame.
  2. A negative of the design is printed onto the t-shirt.
  3. Once set correctly, the ink is rolled over the screen, only the area where the design of the vector image has been printed allows ink to slip through.
  4. After this process, you will get your desired design for your favorite garment.

If you want a custom t-shirt or garment in which your favorite vector design is printed then we are here to gladly offer you this service at a reasonable price.

How To Vectorize An Image

Now the question arises that how can you vectorize an image for screen printing. If you are a master in graphic designing you already know how this whole process works. But if you are a layman and want to make vectorize images for screen printing all by yourself then this section is for you.

Vectorize Images Using Adobe Illustrator

[An Ultimate Guide]

Firstly you have to download the latest software of adobe illustrator as this software is mainly and mostly used to convert simple images into vector images for screen printing.

The next steps to convert or develop vector images are as follows:

  • Pick an image that you want to convert into a vector image.
  • Select an image trace preset option in adobe illustrator.
  • Once you choose the image trace option, the process will run automatically.
  • Fine-Tune your traced image which you just created.
  • Now Un-group the colors of the traced image to get your vector image.
  • Now edit your image and add and remove the colors which you want to present in your Ai file.
  • The last step is to save your image as a vector file so that it can be used in screen printing.

This whole process seems very difficult but we are gladly here to help you out to create an awesome vector image for your t-shirt design or any other garment which you want for screen printing.

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Let us tell you why should you choose us for your screen printing needs.

Illustrator Vector Textures

We are also providing the service to develop vector textures which are usually for the bed sheets design. These vector textures are unique in every aspect. We design your idea and give reality to what you think.

Quick Turnaround

To develop the single vector image for your garment the turnaround time is usually 16 to 20 hours, but as you know when the complexity increases the turnaround time also increases. We do mention turnaround time before we start the order so that our client knows that his work is in the process.

Team Work

Our highly motivated professional team of vector image developers will perform wonders for you with the utmost dedication and skills. We make sure that you will get what you desire with the best quality in the market.


The prices we offer are pocket-friendly. Usually, the prices start from $10 for a simple image and increase when the complexity of the product increases. We offer highly competitive prices to our customers so that the relationship of trust grows between us.

Instant Free Quote

You can ask for a free quote about your product before you place the order. This process usually takes time like nothing. We provide your design quote in a few minutes during working days.

Payment Options

The payment process is very easy, we accept PayPal as it is secure and reliable. We use a double encryption mechanism so that your transactions and data would be safe and secure.

Our Moto

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We strictly control the product quality and keenly observe every little detail which you provide so that you get your desired vector image for screen printing. We offer free editing services of the vector image if the vector image does not meet the requirements of the order. When our customer gets satisfied then we hand over the final vector image product to our customer.

So order your product now and see wonders with your own eyes.