Choosing the best placement for a custom patch on clothing largely depends on personal preference and the type of clothing item. One of the most popular and versatile locations is on the back of a denim jacket. The back provides a large, flat surface for the patch to be displayed prominently. Of course, you can also consider other areas such as the front of a jacket, a backpack, or the sleeves of a shirt.

We will discover the 10 best patch placements you can customize your clothing with.


Here are 9 top placements most of the clothing items use for branding using custom patches.

#1. Left Chest of T-Shirt

It’s a classic location for a small or medium-sized patch.

The left breast area for patch placement on a T-shirt is a refined location. Positioned above the heart, it offers subtle elegance, making it ideal for smaller or logo-type patches.

3 inches is a recommended size for the left chest on tees.

#2 Front/Back of Hoodie

The front or back of a hoody makes it great for more intricate or larger patches.

Choosing the front or back of a hoodie for custom patches provides a spacious canvas for expressive design. The front allows for impactful statements, while the back offers a prominent showcase.

Patch Mania experts recommend 12 inches as an ideal patch size.

#3 Sleeve and Chest Of Varsity Jacket

Applying a custom patch to a varsity jacket offers a nod to classic Americana. The chest and sleeves serve as prime real estate, allowing for a blend of school spirit and personal style.

#4 Sleeves of a Shirt or Jacket

Placing patches on the sleeves gives a unique look, especially for military-inspired or sporty designs.

Choosing the sleeves of a shirt or jacket for custom patches adds a dynamic flair to your style. Whether subtly on the cuffs or boldly down the arms, it transforms sleeves into personalized expressions of creativity.

#5 Back of Denim Jacket

The back of a denim jacket is a popular choice for displaying a statement patch due to its large, flat surface.

The back of a denim jacket serves as a prominent location for custom patches. It provides ample space for bold statements and custom mascots. This placement also allows for a striking visual impact.

#6 Shoulders of a Jacket

Adding a patch to the shoulders can give a military or biker aesthetic to your clothing.

Ironin a customized patch on the shoulders of a jacket exudes a rugged and edgy style. It adds a unique touch, enhancing the jacket’s overall design with a distinctive and structured look

#7 Cuff of a Sleeve

With Patches Mania, you can design a clothing cuff of a sleeve for a stylish choice. It takes customization to the next level without being too overwhelming.

#8 Upper Back/Shoulder Blades

This area provides a unique and unexpected placement for a patch, making it visible from behind and allowing for interesting design opportunities.

#9 Pocket Flap on a Shirt or Jacket

If you casually wear clothes that have pockets with flaps, you must try flaps. By placing a custom design on the flap you can stand tall for a distinctive and functional embellishment.


Scounting is incomplete without custom designs and patching. Here are 5 most common areas scouts wear patches.

  1. Shoulder: Scouts commonly place troop numbers and unit patches on the shoulder. This location allows for easy identification and fosters a sense of unity among troop members. Shoulder patches vary in sizes and most of them are machine embroidered. They mean to be visible from a distance and show off Scout’s affiliation with a specific troop or unit.
  2. Sleeve: It’s one of the best uniform patch placements for scouts. They include merit badges and patrol emblems and also use sleeves as target placement. Sleeve patching on the uniform illustrates the diverse skills and experiences each Scout has acquired.
  3. Pocket: The front pockets of the boy and girl Scout uniform commonly showcase rank insignia and leadership patches. These badges indicate leadership and progress roles within the troop of scouts. The pocket area also serves as a display of scouting principles.
  4. Left Chest: The left chest area is reserved for the official Scout patching. This iconic placement universally recognized symbol of the scouting movement. Left breast placement on uniforms signifies a Scout’s commitment to the principles.
  5. Back: The back of the uniform is reserved for larger patches, such as those representing special events or a unit’s unique design, find their home on the back of the uniform. This patch placement allows for a more vibrant display, making it suitable for a sense of camaraderie during special occasions.


Choosing custom patch placement is an art that transforms clothing into personal canvases. Ultimately, it’s a creative decision based on your style and the overall look you want to achieve

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