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We all have seen embroidered patches, but you have to agree chenille patches have different looks. That makes them stand out from other custom patches. Chenille embroidery works better for big numbers and designs. Hence, they are also called big letter patches due to the most useful for letterman jackets. Out of standard look, these emblems are appealing for lovers.

HOW IT WORKS: Chenille patches use yarn, acrylic yarn, and embroidery if needed. You can craft chenille big letter patches from all short lengths of yarn which are placed between two “core” yarns. Chenille embroidery machine twists both together, which gives the patch softness and classic look. With all other facts, they play a wider role in the unique culture of the United States.

CHENILLE MANUFACTURERS: The best creators of chenille patches in the U.S and the U.K, mostly have one master machine. The updated chenille embroidery machine shares both chenille and standard embroider needles. This help very much to any of the top company creating custom made chenille patches.

ORDER LETTER CHENILLE PATCH: Big letter chenille patches are not an ideal pick for small spaces. In order to get the best quality, let’s start with an idea. Fine craftsmanship and quality felt with twill backing make the chenille patch strong and long-lasting. But to discuss each part, you need solid customer support.

personalized chenille made letters

Alphabet chenille is loved for hoodies and varsity jackets.

Fortunately, Patches Mania is the only company that provides quick responses and follow-ups to each customer. This is the best way how can you create a desirable chenille patch which looks stunning and durable.

custom patches

Mascot patches are used for a jacket back.

COMMON USE: Chenille patches are used as mascots, jacket-back, and hoodies front. As said earlier, they have all the big use with details letters. The bigger size gives us room to turn any complicated design into customizing the chenille patch. However, when it comes to addressing deep details like an animal like a bulldog or scenery, we take help from sating embroidery. The use of standard embroidery with chenille piles, not only ensure details in art but also give flashy look.