Before You Purchase Large Back Patch for Jackets

Back patches are a great way for a cool look. They are unique and leave a lasting impression on viewers. When it comes to custom-designed patches, they are more prominent for branding and promotion.

In this guide, we will explore the greatest use of back patches, types and how to grab the most out of least spending. Let’s begin with the types of back patches.

Types of Big BackPatches

#1 Motorcycle Clubs

They Display club affiliation, logo, and member rank for users. They are more suitable for leather jackets, vests, and rockers.

#2 Band Patches

They mainly feature custom logos or artwork of music bands, popular among fans of punk, metal, and rock genres.

#3 DIY or Custom Patches

Custom patches are self-made or created through a patch manufacturer for self-expression with the personal intent of branding marketing. They come with heat support back, stitch only, velcro stripes, or sticker applications.

#4 Subculture Symbols

Subculture patches represent symbols associated with movements or expressions of socio-political ideologies. They are seen in leather jackets, denim vests, biker jackets, and on the large-sized bags, of user’s group expression.

Now let us break down the best clothing types custom patches look cool on the back.

Types of Jackets Suitable For Back Patches

#1 Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are often favored by motorcycle enthusiasts and various subcultures. Large back patches on leather jackets can contribute to a rugged and rebellious aesthetic.

#2 Denim Jackets

Denim vests are a popular canvas for self-expression, especially in punk and metal subcultures. Large back patches on denim vests allow for personalized designs, featuring favorite bands, custom artwork, or statements that reflect the wearer’s identity.

#3 Biker Jackets

Biker jackets with back patches are a tradition in the motorcycle community. The patches often symbolize shared values and camaraderie.

Best Size For A Back Patch?


The size of back patch begins from 6 inches to anywhere up to 14 inches. A 6-inch big is also used in front of the varsity but not common in front or side panels of any other garment.


A 10-inch back patch is considered ideal for any custom design. It can sum up all the possible details well versed both in regular embroidery and chenille.

14 To 16 Inches

From 10 to 14 inches big is ordered as preference. Patches Mania recommends buyers self-measurement before processing orders. Because this big size is sometimes miscalculated.

Best Shape For Back Patches

The shape of a back patch is limitless. You can put any shape of artwork inside the recommended size of 10 inches. It might be a circle, square, rectangle, or cut to edge.

Age Or Gender Use

There are no age or gender restrictions on buying quality back patches. Even a kid would love his favorite cartoon on the back of his small jacket. For the adult, the uses are several for giving a new refined look to letterman jackets.

Fast Patch Backing – Ironing On

Ironing on back patches for jackets is faster patch backing than sewing. You might need a sewer service for extra to stitch on, however, you can heat press yourself iron on-supported back patch on jacket.

Sewing on a Large Patch to a Jacket

For a reliable attachment, we recommend back patch sewn-on jackets. They are long-lasting and vibrant to placement.

Here is a quick step-by-step guide you can sew-on a back patch on a leather jacket.

Placement: Pin the patch in the desired location on the back of the jacket.

Prepare Patch: Fold under any fabric borders and pin the edges. Thread a needle, tie a knot at the end.

Start Sewing: Begin sewing with a running or whipstitch along the patch’s edges. Sew around the entire patch, removing pins as you go.

Secure End: Tie off the thread securely with a knot and Trim excess thread from knots.

Inspect and Press: Inspect the attachment, press with a cool iron if needed.

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