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The trend of motorcycling is quite different today compared to decade ago. As club-affiliated bikers have evolved with protocols, independent bikers have also some set rules to make a difference.

In this blog, we are going to engrave 10 rules for independent bikers patches and how these riders are different from traditional MC clubs.

10 Identified Patch Rules For Independent Biker

a human hand shows big back patch for independent biker rule embroidered on grey fill stitch and white text inside studio

#1 Personal Identity

As the name suggests, independent bikers are not affiliated with any local or traditional motorcycle club. Usually, it’s a group of friends who do not associate with organized gatherings in a structured way. They wear patches that reflect their personal identity, interests, or beliefs. They use custom-made embroidered slogans, symbols, and flags on vests and jackets.

#2 Riding Alone

Free riders believe independency, they ride alone. They sometimes join groups but it is informal and they do not tend to indulge in undertakings or sets of rules. These motorcyclists show no commitment wearing embroidery patches on vests, jackets, and leather cuts. Their loyalty is to their personal enjoyment.

#3 Territorial Claims

Independent motorcyclists do not claim any specific territory for riding. Either it’s a ride for a joy or noble cause like raising funds, they are wrangler like no other biker club. They Rely on personal networks and friendships for the choice of riding paths.

#4 Free Events

Independent Bikers can freely choose which events to attend based on their personal preference. They do not have backing of groups. Wearing independent signs and letter-say they show their participation in the broader biking community. Custom patches for certain causes, charities, or movements, such as military veterans, cancer awareness, or animal rights are hallmark of them.

#5 No position

Since they do not follow any specific group structure, this community riders do not label defined roles such as President, Secretary, or Treasurer etc. There is no formal hierarchy for independent riders. Each rider is autonomous to this category. Their patches are solely for personal expression.

#6 Custom Patches and Colors

They wear customized patches free of any declared agenda. They wear large independent biker patches on back of the denim or leather made vests and jackets reflecting individual interests, achievements, and hobbies. Biker wear regular embroidered, chenille and woven embroidery patches.

#7 Freedom to Modify

Independent bikers have the freedom to add, remove, or change patches as they see fit, without needing to adhere to the strict guidelines that MC members must follow regarding their colors, shape, and text.

#8 Public Perception

A rider with unique patch wearing is center of every eye while on roads. Independent Bikers generally viewed as individual enthusiasts who enjoy the freedom of riding. They are social and run awarness campaigns.

#9 Solo Rider Patches

human hand from the right side of frame hold 3 inches wide embroidered patch for lone wolf biker patch on grey filled stitch on the back and white text and lone face on the top inside the studio

Patches that specifically state “Independent,” “Solo Rider,” or “Lone Wolf” are popular among independent bikers to signify their unaffiliated status. There are tons of custom shapes, sizes and fonts, they feel free to get embroidered and wear.

#10 Respect for MC Colors

Independents avoid wearing patches that resemble or could be confused with the “colors” (official patches) of established motorcycle clubs to avoid conflicts. They rather display patches with humorous slogans or light-hearted themes, which might not be typical in the more serious context of MC patches.

Custom Patches For Bikers Ruling

By wearing an independent embroidery patch, you tell other riders that you follow a riding schedule of your own. We help motorcyclists design own custom patches for desired cuts. We ensure your patch follows legit rules and should not be problematic or disrespectful. To put it differently, you can wear these patches without the risk of offending clubs and avoid conflict.

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