How to Install PVC Custom Made Patch On Jacket Using Glue

How To Stick PVC Custom Patches On Jackets With Glue

Attaching Pvc patches to a jacket or any other outfit is an exciting task for people who love to wear different patches. Cool and stylish patches add beauty to clothing if they are attached perfectly.

There are many ways of sticking patches depending upon the backing, a plain back needs some kind of adhesive material(glue) to get attached to the jacket or fabric. A plain back is also attached to the needle and thread, but it is not easy for everyone. Some people like me find it hard to sew a single button.

The below method of attaching a patch on the jacket is relatively easy for you.

Using Glue on Silicone Pvc Patches

(Recommended Practice)

To properly glue down a patch onto the jacket, you first need to select the fabric glue that works best. Fabric glue is especially for attaching patches in which Attach Patch and Fabric Fusion glue is good, and according to users, E6000 is excellent for sticking patches.

Step# 1: Take your patch and put on thick glue and beads. it’s better to use more than little

Tip: Don’t put too much glue in the corner; otherwise, it comes out from the edges. Use a good amount in the center and less at the edges.

Step# 2: Spread the glue with popsicle sticks.

Step# 3: Now, level your hat or jacket and put it down on the spot.

Step# 4: Place wax paper on it to avoid sticking the glue to any other object.

Step# 5: Put a heavy object like a book on the wax paper and avoid moving and touching it. Leave it for 24 hours. And all done.

How To Remove A PVC Patch?

Step# 1: Steam the PVC patch with a steamer or hair dryer to warm the glue.

Step# 2: Remove the patch from the corner with a scraper, or you can use your finger to remove it.

Step# 3: Now dip the area in vinegar, alcohol, or vegetable oil to wipe out the remaining glue on the fabric. It saturates the glue and will clean the stain from that area.


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