How To Stick PVC Custom Patches On Jackets Using Glue

how to stick pvc customized pavc patch on jacket using glue easily

Adhere to the basic guidelines and your patch will stick forever. It will even be protected to wash in the clothes washer. This is an incredible alternative for any of the children’s scout programs as well. When they get their patches, no compelling reason to sew them on.

Since patches are turning out to be stylish once more, don’t let sewing hinder you from making a custom jacket you’ll love. Just stick on the patches.

How to Glue PVC Patches On Hats

(Step by Step)


  • Start by choosing where you need to put the patch.
  • Consider keeping it in a spot that is noticeable.

Step# 1: Lay the hat level, and apply the paste to the hat and the jacket.

Step# 2: Stand by 2 minutes while the cement “streaks” off – the contact cement makes its solid bond by dissipation.

Step# 3: Coordinate the stuck textures together, and press immovably while they cling to each other.

That’s it!

The two parts should stick promptly, and be completely restored in 24 hours. After a full patch, the paste is even washer and dryer safe!


Step# 1: Plugin a hairdryer and hold it on the patch to warm the glue.

Step# 2: Scratch the edges of the patch with a clay blade. The clay blade shouldn’t have any sharp edges that could penetrate the pontoon.

Step# 3: Keep the warmth on the patch while scratching with the clay blade.