Common Types of Custom Made Patches

Custom-made patches are weaved symbols that give a portrayal of a company, association, or person. A tailor-made patch is interesting and frequently used for customization and labeling clothing.

Today, I am going to tell you most selling types of custom patches on the hot selling board of Patches Mania, let’s begin

7 Types of Custom Patches

There are tons of other types we can count as custom patch. Let’s talk 7 the most selling and most used for customization purpose to clothing and garments.

Embroidery Patches

2.35 inches tall propotional width bright red MAMA TRIED moto show iron on back support patches over white studio background

Embroidery patches also called embroidered when fill stitched 100% and leave no part around blank on fabric. They are also called flat embroidery patches when the buy means to differenciate from the puff/3D.

Embroidery patches are the most selling type of custom patches in the Unisted States of America. Due, the wider audiecne acceptance, they are used on the back of leather or denim jackets, biker cuts, school monogram, work shirts and party hats.

Woven Patches

sets of round 3 inches sublimation patches custom with yellow gold merrowed edge on black background

Military units regularly have patches that speak to their division and are easy to unpatch. They have lots of details in tiny logos, name, text, symbols and military shapes. It makes quite difficult to create patches keeping all the details in limited dimension.

Since, woven patches do not use separate needle work on fabric, they are wider marging to weaved in maximum details. Therefore, these patchea are best selling for hats, as they fit well for 2.5 to 3 inches.

Iron On/Heat Seal Patches

human hand from left portion shows small size embroidered patch backing for heat press capacity in studio

Iron on patches is not itself a unique kind of custom patch. It is actually about backing of patches that is used to attach onto target garment. Iron on refers to any patch that has heat stick chemical applied on the back of each patch.

When iron over the patch, it sticks onto the clothing and this is the easiest kind of attachment type you do not need any external help. It saves time as it is quick. It saves additional money which you might have to pay to sewer if you buy sew-on custom patches.

Chenille Patches

Buying a chenille patch is used to show uphold for a specific school or varsity group. It is typically found in a letter coat, sweater of team promoters. Chenille embroidered patches grew so fast like no other patch type. At Custom Patches Mania, chenille patches are the ones, we get most queries and orders. It looks cool, it is key item for hip hop street fashion and there are tons of other reason that makes fluffy stand out yarn so cool.

Sublimated Patches

a dye subli patch of bulldog printed in black on side to a tree in square patch over white background and cyan embroidered edge

Another turn to an exemplary beautification strategy. Sublimated patches are ideal for replicating multicolor, complex logos with little subtleties. the specially sublimated patch can print a high-goal photo on a patch as though it were paper. Kindly use this patch choice if you have a goal picture you need to be printed. It might be somewhat costlier than different choices, however, this is an extraordinary cycle and item!

PVC Rubber Patches

apache red indian artwork 4x4 inches 3D made in multi color pvc

3D custom patches are growing in demand from brands and manufacturers.

PVC patches are a modern option in contrast to the more normal weaved patch. They are made of sturdy, delicate plastic and arrive in an unending cluster of colors that can rejuvenate your handcraft. PVC patches are tough to the point that they will never blur, quarrel, split, or strip, which makes them extraordinary for outdoor employment. Also, the custom PVC patch for caps, banners, and coats can be made with the assistance of splendid and endless scope of colors. Also, these elastic or PVC patches are insusceptible to blurring, breaking, fraying, or stripping that are liable for settling on them fantastic decisions for outside use.

6. Leather Patches

Animal lovers prefer artificial/vegan made patches over real hides made leather.

Leather patches have their own significance and utility. Shown on belts, wallets, and different other utility things, cowhide has a class and look of its own. It should be guaranteed that the cowhide patches are appropriately handled and cleaned. At times, the leather patches are hued by close-to-home service, and except if great quality cowhide is used, they will show up unpleasant.

  • Cowhide leather materials have a long life. Legitimate consideration should be taken to normally spotless and clean the patches.
  • A cowhide patch can’t be washed with a customary cleanser or washing powder. Purchasers should know about the directions and approach to cleaning or washing a cowhide patch.


Meanwhile, buying the best quality personalized patches you need to consider a few things. Things like such as;

  • Turnaround time
  • Material
  • Texture
  • Durability
  • Company location

When it comes to quantity, there is little difference in buying custom-made patches between 100 to 200. Therefore, never shy away from buying a couple more patches than your actual need.

Customer representatives at Patches Mania are available all the time to help you save your bucks potentially.

We offer free mock up, free shipping and even free sketch work out of incomplete design in your mind. Everything is possible, all you need to do is get connected and let our finest team help you buy first custom patch you never had before as per quality, pricing and fast delivery.

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  • Majid

    I'm a writer and embroidery enthusiast who is passionate about quality craftsmanship. I feel spiritual to share and review custom made products with a wider audience. I love writing SEO stuff for targeted market.

Blog Author

  • Majid

    I'm a writer and embroidery enthusiast who is passionate about quality craftsmanship. I feel spiritual to share and review custom made products with a wider audience. I love writing SEO stuff for targeted market.