black woven square patch reads 10 PLY BUD on roll of paper in white with orange merrowedA merrow edge to custom patch means giving it an elite look. This is a type of border being loved for types of patches. A merrow edge has some conditions that work best.

In this blog, I am going to unveil some must-know facts about Merrow Corner. At the end of this blog you will know the following;

  • What is a Merrow edge
  • Types of patches suit well
  • Technique for creating merrow edge

Let’s begin;

What is a Merrow edge

First come first, a merrow border or merrowed edge is a kind of sharp sewn border we offer for a variety of custom patches. It is actually an overlock stitching with different color threads as the needed.

Best Patch For Merrow

Any patch that has a tilt or unparallel corner does not suit merrowed border. Merrowed edges fit well to square, rectangle, and round border patches.

Embroidered, woven, sublimated and printed patches are ideal types for creating overlock-merrowed edge. You can not have it on Pvc rubber or leather patches though.

Way to Create Merrow Edge

The best way to create merrow edge is using an American-made merrowed machine. There is no alternate way that can give a finer look to your custom patches.


Remember, a merrow edge is one of the most adorable border for custom patches. The key reason to create one is to give cleaner looks, make long-lasting and securing edging from getting frayed. However, stitching or even threading into Merrow machine is not a DIY job. You need complete training to do so. At Custom Patches Mania, we offer merrowed border to patches lowest additional cost in the market. Our state of art machines and skillful labor know very well how to give sharp clean looks to patches.

Get connected with our team and get advised free about your next project. Just to let you know Patches Mania offers a free-of-charge merrowed edge on the first order.

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