Merrowed Border Patches – Features, Needs & Pricing

edge to edge comparison of hot cut die cut border on right side for an embroidery trench baby money bag patch and human hand grips frame shaped logo of same design black embordered hot knife cut trimmed on white cotton twill fabric

The left version shows the frame style cut-off compared to the cut-to-shape trim on the right.

If you’re fond of embroidery, you must see embroidery patch. If Yes, you can’t deny how important stitched edging is for custom embroidery.

Customized embroidery patches are an integral part of branding and promotion. If you’re one of the millions in the U.S. thinking to launch a clothing line, let me tell you the borders of machine embroidery patches play a key role in beauty. A wrong assessment can ruin the beauty of design, hence the entire project.

Luckily, I have summarized a must-consider checklist for you.

Since it’s about patches for promotion and customized needs; we won’t speak much about stylish types of edging in hand and crochet like

  • Buttonhole stitch edge
  • Overcast stitch border
  • Blanket stitch outline

However, we would rather focus on the best-fitted patches outline of your custom embroidery patches. You  will read in this blog;

  • Difference between Die-Cut and Complicated
  • Use of Merrow edge for Patches
  • Hot Knife for Embroidery badges
  • Overlock for Pvc monograms
  • Cost calculator for merrow edge

Let’s begin;

Hot Cut Border

human hand cutting out big chenille patch in right hand from hot knife; left top board read 'USE OF HOT KNIFE IS MOST COMMON WAY TO CUT OUT EMBROIDERY PATCHES TODAY'.


A hot-cut border is also referred to as a laser cut for a sharp edge that not seals the border but also give a stunning stitched outline to a patch. Typically, a hot knife is used to cut off round, rectangle, square, and cut-to-shape designs.

Hot-Cut Complicated

a side by side of two embroidery patches show difference between hot cut and complicated hot cut aka cut out, aka die cut aka cut to shape

It is when an embroidery patch is carved out following exactly the shape of the logo. Hence, it is also called “cut out”, “die-cut” or “cut to shape”.

Merrowed Edge Patch

A merrowed border is also known as an overlocked or stitched lock border. The term derives from a brand machine to do this and it’s not something done by hand. It’s a complete machine procedure.

 Merrow Border Patch Vs Hot Cut

head to head comparison of merrowed and hot cut embroidery patch difference



  • Merrow edge can not be done with complex edges/designs.
  • Die cut border sublimation patch with merrowed edge work well.
  • Non-merrowed patches sold cheaper than once with merrow.
  • There isn’t anything that exists like the merrow border pvc patch

Cost Difference

Most of the embroidery manufacturers in the U.S. charge an extra amount for merrow embroidered borders, hence, it’s an elite club now.

I do believe this guidance to merrowed border patches and other types would help you a lot for your next purchase. Feel free to contact me if you still have confusion in mind.

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