Why Custom PVC Patches Are All-Time Favorite for Military Use

All-Time Hit Use Of Pvc Custom Patches On Tactical Garments

PVC custom patches are now a mainstay on tactical clothing and gear. The versatile material is both durable and weather-resistant, making it ideal for use in the field. Whether you’re looking to add some personal flair to your gear or want to identify your unit, these patches are a great option.

In recent times of patch mania and the peak of this industry, most manufacturers of PVC custom patches used to create embroidered or woven patches. However, Pvc-made designs are the new peak of the latest trend now.

They are the best type of patches for tactical gear junkies these days. They are made out of soft rubber material with a full-scale procedure turning pieces of rubber sheets into beautifully designs emblems. However, Velcro baking for PVC patches is widely used by wearers.

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Every single quote for personalized PVC Military Patches for soft rubber is treated differently. Usually, we ask you to provide a design or your artwork in an image easily available to you. Our expert AI artists even turn merely a sketch in your mind into a patch you need.

In order to ensure everything is smooth we also need a few other details about your order. It helps us to quote the pricing that could be equally affordable on a mutual basis. 

Rubber Vs Thread (Quick Compare)

When it comes to deciding whether you should have either a PVC made or embroidery order, stitched logo wins. Traditionally, For a long ago, they have been standard use for clothing and types.

However, when it comes to logos and easy attachments, PVC patches are highly recommended, here are a few things to explore:

  • Pvc design could keep small details, as small as (2mm or less)
  • They feature 3D-made Pvc patches (domed-like elements)
  • They resist hard and almost all kinds of extreme conditions

Patches Mania makes expert-quality custom Military Patches samples for loyal customers. The few types of Pvc patches we create are:

  1. Velcro back Pvc customized emblems
  2. Military Simulation Reconnaissance Team
  3. Multicam Military PVC Patches
  4. Pvc for Camouflage Uniforms

If you are looking to have soft rubber PVC patches for military and other fabrics. Send your details to sales@patchesmania.com, and our quick sales rep respond to you in a few minutes.

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Custom Made Military Velcro Patches

Another major benefit of Pvc patches is the ability to remove easily. This becomes a big benefit while being used for military gear. Velcro-made backing makes them easily removable and replaceable.

Removable PVC patches also feature the security of the garment. You can even swap out for other patches without the fabric damage.

Why You Should Prefer PVC Rubber Patches Over Others

Among all others, there are some more attractive reasons for using them for army clothing are;

  • They stand out as durable and tough, even in Warm, Rainy, and cold weather
  • Pvc patches bear detailed designs which means you can have the required design in minimum space.
  • Perfect for force identification, perhaps the reason the Pvc rubber emblem is used for the US Air force, Army, Navy Seals & US Marine Corps.

The pvc custom patches are made of high-quality, durable materials and boast exquisite craftsmanship. They’re perfect for adding a touch of personality to your tactical gear. Whether you’re out on the battlefield or just hitting the town, these patches will let everyone know that you’re a force to be reckoned with.


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