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When creating a logo for a brand as Maniacs, focus on relevancy, uniqueness, and versatility. Emphasize typography and art that captures the perspective more vibrant. Patches Mania helps you creating first vectorize logo for embroidery, prints and custom graphics free of cost. ensuring the design stands out in a crowded marketplace.

A logo is a first representation of your brand. A maniac logo is a crazy emblem that goes viral due to its great quality and stunning look.

So, if you are one who thinking of launching a clothing brand or taking up a project for custom logos; take time to carefully craft a design that must align with the brand’s identity.

In this guide, I am going to enlighten 5 key figures that you must go through before designing a custom logo that should go maniac.


Being different is the most important thing for being in the game. Remember, clothing brands are the most cluttered market in the U.S. You need to be very smart and unique to get an audience’s eye. Your patch should aim distinctive from competitors. A unique logo can help stand tall and make a lasting impression.


A maniac logo always looks good in various sizes when it comes to patches. Your brand logo on the left chest, front center, or front of the hat equally should look perfect. I would recommend rechecking the elements inside it.


A simple design often makes a memorable impact. Avoid overly complex design elements that might be difficult to recognize. Less stuff enables your logo vibrant on various placements. Remember, the real craziness is selling like a hot cake not keeping many objects inside the logo.


While customizing the logo, keep the relevancy in mind. This should reflect the cause of your clothing line. A study shows; that over 80% of clothing start-ups consider maniac text and art inside their logo. That’s a good thing to keep an attachment to purpose. It boosts your effort the other way. But never forget the target audience and the type of clothing you are going to offer.

Color Scheme

Colors evoke emotions, they actually deal with the overall feel of your brand. Being a valid patch customizer in wholesale market, Patch Mania suggests a color scheme of custom logo patch under 9 units. Whether it’s embroidered, printed, Pvc rubber or chenille, 9 colors should be enough to resonate with your brand’s personality.

3 Tyeps of Maniac Service By Patches Mania

A maniac Patches Mania offers custom embroidery, custom printing, and graphics for clothing. Here are a bit details for all three.

Custom Embroidery

Custom embroidery helps custom-made patches to be used on clothing for different purposes. It includes new clothing start-ups, school monograms, security badges, and fun party logos.

Custom Prints

Custom Printing means to design a logo in Direct To Film for custom printing on tee, hoody, and jackets.

Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics include embroidery digitizing services for self-employed embroiders and vector-converted files for custom screen printing.

Get Free Vector To Get Started

A memorable maniac logo can contribute to brand recall. The crazy culture of launching clothing brands in the United States demands special attention to decorating logos.

With Patches Mania, you can get your first artwork free vectorized. Our quick human support team strongly believes in helping over selling. Feel free to contact support to understand the essential ingredients of the maniac logo you should buy. Good Luck!

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