What Is a dst File Format For Custom Embroidery

computerized files showing blue background show a data traveler usb used for dst file format insert inside embroidery machines for custom logo printing

If you ever indulge in embroidery you must be able to differentiate between machine and handmade artwork. They both have different approaches and market shares. Machine embroidery in the U.S share millions of dollar from the $20 B promotional industry.

But today in this blog; I am going to fact-check for file format needed for embroidery machines for custom-made designs.

First of all, machines have different formats to run, hence, an embroidery machine also needs a specific extension. It contains an entire layout of drawing created to guide the needles and bobbins.


This is a machine-readable file, therefore, only the heads of the machine, technically speaking, the processer of an electronic panel of the machine can read it.

When Do You Need A File Coded into DST

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I can hope you know what is a dot DST file for custom embroidery now. In other words, it’s a graphically created file format for personalized embroidery. Every embroiderer, therefore, needs this file before he can even switch on the machine.

Does A DST Version Work Only For Tajima?

The makers of Tajima named the coded file DST first. But there is nothing specific about it for Tajima and others. The name itself derived from Tajima manufacturer adopted all other machine makers since then. While the language of the file is not exceptional. It is designed by some learned graphic designers using popular software like Pulse and Wilcom.

What is a DST file in AutoCAD?

It’s not always AutoCAD. A DST file is overall used to deliver drafted designs. This design could be for laser cutting and other mold-making processing in other industries outside of the embroidery world.

But inside the embroidery industry, it’s not always AutoCAD but highly skilled software dedicated to punching custom embroidery logos and emblems.


A .dst file needs professional skills for designing. Patchwork embroiders, therefore, prefer to get the file done online. Frankly, this is a real working approach.

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