A Comprehensive Comparison Between Direct Machine Embroidery To Patches

Embroidery Customization is executed in two common ways. One is directly onto the garment using the front fabric under the embroidery machine. The other way is creating embroidered patches later be applied to clothing using heat press backing, velcro hook, or stitching around.

In this blog, I am going to make it easy for you to know both clearly and pick one wisely. Let’s begin a quick side-by-side comparison.


The key difference between both is placement. Direct embroidery is something you directly run over clothing or pieces of garment. However, an embroidery patch is created on a separate piece of fabric which is later cut off using a laser machine or soldering iron.

What is Better

Embroidered patches are over a hundred times better than a direct approach. Here are a few things you benefit from patches over direct machine run onto clothing.

Time Saver

Using direct embroidery you need to send all your garment stock to embroider and keep indulging in the hectic process of cropping/finishing. Whilst, embroidery patches can be easily installed in-house.

Cost Effective

Having direct machine embroidery; you might need to purchase plain clothing from a different vendor and then make another deal with an embroidery patch manufacturer; which is obviously expensive in nature – You might find yourself nowhere while handling your project.

Less Hectic

Buying embroidered patches is always less tiring as compared to direct embroidery on ready-to-wear garments. You can easily avoid lots of communications to match fabric color to patch threads.

When you have clothing in hand – feel yourself King to decide desired patches. Plus, you have all your coins in hand about sizing and placement of your favorite design onto the garment.

Easy Placement

Heat press iron-on feature shares the greatest market share of embroidery patches today. That means any custom patch you get; up to 90% is heat press-able. That means you have full control of sticking over the desired part of the sleeve, shoulder, left chest, or back of the letterman jacket.


Your project is important and most of the time you have a strict timeline to deliver. Therefore, embroidery-made patches are always a favorable option you can save all the way.

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