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Have you ever seen those cool embroidered patches on the back of people’s jackets and thought, “I wish I could do that?” Well, now you can! With Rocker Chenille embroidery Patches Creator in U.S., you can create your own unique and stylish patches in no time at all. So stop wondering how to make those rockin’ patches and start creating!

Using Patches Mania Services, you can create custom patches for schools. They are a great source to present your students’ school awards to be proud of! Plus, customized chenille patches help you recognize all types of school achievements. We have a large range of academics, indoor sports, and music for your wider selection.

Custom Chenille Patches

custom chenille patches

When It comes to students’ accomplishments, shape and panel jacket patches serve as blank canvases. You just need to pick desired types of chenille patches e.g. ID panel, star circle, or shield. Our advanced level artist and embroidery machines insert mascot to display as per pupils achievements. No matter, it’s text with academic or musical needs, we ensure everything in a perfect way.

Sports Patches

There are valid reasons why should you buy quality sports chenille patches with us. First of all, our eligibility to do different types of patches. Get your favorite letterman school name patches. Plus, a large variety of beautiful acrylic yarn patches including baseball, football, and cheerleading sports. We also offer bulk orders to track sport patches and weightlifting sport patches at the doorstep. All varieties of yarn aroused emblems for basketball teams are delivered free of cost shipping.

All of the above, we sale custom orders chenille patches for jackets of student-athlete participation and achievement.

Patches for Fine Arts

custom embroidered patches no minimum

There is no other present for a student than a beautiful embroidery patch given by the administration. They are the sole reason to feel proud. And we make It happen for you with state of art embroidery machinery in our factory. Customized chenille patches for a band and music patches, we do band and music shape patches at no minimum. Our quality emblems feature exactly what you want to demonstrate.

Music Chenille Patches

order quality custom embroidered patches near you

Music Class

Create patches for fine arts jackets with us at wholesale price. You can also place an order for activity jacket patches as per your personalization. Feel proud among all, as they are the best way to stand tall displaying various social activities.

Chenille State Patches

Make sure each public engagement should be unique and attractive. And colorful chenille patches on jackets and hoodies give you that swag. Get the finest quality chenille numbers for tournament appearances, titles, or championships. The best thing about State jacket patches, they are hot edges and die-cut in the shape of your state. What can be more stunning than this? Moreover, we create patches for state jackets with your choice of felt, twill, mascots, and color you want.

Patches For Positions Numbers

a boy on right part play soccer show number on jersey, a number 8 in red chenille embroidery over white felt on the left

Create yourself chenille patches for numbers and positions. Share your idea for weight classes jacket patches with us, we manufacture as per requirements. Give an opportunity to club members and students to showcase athletic positions with catchy chenille logos. Personalizing patches are quite famous to wear. They have always been fantastic awards for student’s varsity jackets from top to bottom.

Chenille Graduation Year Patches

Varsity jackets for students make a dashing impact with chenille graduation year patches. We produce two-digit graduation year jackets with no minimum quantity blockage. We believe these patches make students feel proud to display graduation year. Whereas we also create block graduation years, scripts based on Chenille words, chenille Names emblems, and jacket patches with tails.

Like other types of custom patches, script chenille jacket patches are also customized as exactly as you need them to be. Our online portfolio, especially Instagram’s official account should help you have a wide view.


Chenille patches for a jacket back and hoodies are available from 6 inches to 12 inches. No matter, what size or dimension you required, we make it possible for each angle to come as instructed. You can have a height to be perfect and width to be promotional and vise versa. Order script chenille patches as per your need. A common size available is 2 inches script chenille, 3 inches script chenille, and 4 inches script chenille emblems.

Academic Patches in Felt Chenille

Acrylic yarn is not something you need to needle in hand. Grow with for magical use of yarn and chenille patches for academic use. Our timeless collection of academic patches features an array of scholarly designs. It is like doing it yourself as per your willingness. You can add school names and scholastic achievements through our quality chenille patches at no minimum. Another way would be scrolls, torches, lamps and etc.

Numerals, Stars, Bars & Chenille Chevrons

best chenille patch maker no limit

We help you recognizing individual participation and varsity lettermen. Get quality traditional chenille patches for chevrons, stars, and numbers. Our in hose set up for all in one chenille solution ensure you get classic numerals, stars, bars & chevrons patches.

Chenille Monograms

An embroidery chenille patch for black culture sleeve sized for jacket shows letters saying ORIGINALS with Jamaican/African culture chenille colors red green yellow on black felt fabric

Like any other type of patch, the monogram in the chenille is also very attractive. We manufacture one-letter chenille patches on wholesale pricing. Starting from 2″, 3″, and 4″, we go above 10 inches letter styles. Choose a chenille monogram with us and add personalized felt, yarn, and inserts.

Chenille Mascot Patches

chenille mascot patches

Pick your chenille mascot patches from Patches Mania. This is another example of our wide collection for the spirit and school brands. Get customized mascots with colors as per branding needs. Get a free quote to create a custom mascot yourself that looks 100% dashing.

Patches Mania Chenille Jacket Patches

an embroidery chenille patch of unites states flag shattered on maroon background says STRUGGLE TURNED US SUCCESSFUL AFTER

We have been chenille patches as prime custom patches. And there is a valid reason why we do give special concentration to it. Customers love our colorful yarn patches throughout any other type. Therefore, we proudly do custom chenille jacket patches to keep our legacy and years-long experience. Having us, you can do a variety of color sizes and other customized options to choose completely personalized emblems for lettermen and schools.

Get your Free Quote Now! we would more than happy to serve your chenille passion compared to any other manufacturer in the market.


Every manufacturer needs a try to prove themselves. On the same basis claims to be the number one top rocker patch creator in the U.S. And when we say this, we need to prove this as well. Our production staff uses the best quality felt, yarn, and fabric to carve your custom design being perfect. To give the finest touch, we sometimes use twill along with felt. It actually ensures your artwork comes out more elegant and solid. Plus, our cropping department cleans off each unnecessary thread from your patch to give it the purest touch.

Cutting Off Chenille Patches

In another phase of cropping after machine chenille embroider. The cropping department cut off each sample piece through state of art laser cut machine. There are many vendors who go through manual ways using hand scissors for this. However, we believe custom scissors have to match to laser cut machine. Laser CNC machines ensure your patch edges to be sharp and hot.

We are one of valid rocker embroidery patches creator in America. We are professional and leading supplier of custom patches, emblems, and insignias. We manufacture a wide range of products including custom made-to-order patches, emblems, and insignias for uniforms, hats, jackets, vests and other apparel. With over 10 years of experience, we have been committed to providing our customers with high quality products and services at competitive prices. Our expert staff can help you create the perfect patch for your needs. For more information request a free quote today!

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