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Rank Yourself With Custom Letters & Numbers In Chenille Embroidery

Being Fuzzy in embroidery refers to lifted look of threads. This usually means fluffiness of chenille yarn for towel embroidery. However, it also tends to be regular 3D/Puff embroidery. It comes out to use foam layered on fabric under machine needles.

Letters on garments have rich history. They tell your story in script and slogans. This trend grew rapidly during 60’s when varsity jackets introduce as hip hop culture. Same era, custom fonts and letters were selling like a hot cake. To give a deep look on felt fabric letters, let’s have a quick history of varsity jackets.

History Of Varsity Jackets

Patch Mania offers great quality varsity lettermen jackets with custom letters.

The early version around 100 years back used to wear by male athletes. These old version would have embroidered letters little below to chest. Sometimes in the center on high neck sweaters. The jackets still had Michelin Man sleeves that look cool on even linebacker bodies. However, the new personalized style of varsity jackets are smart and flattering. They look fabulous with trousers or jeans, while wearing loafers make it best of all.

Custom Felt Scripts

sets of custom made felt patches laser cut hot kiss in spread on black fabric on the back. Double felt patches show italic letters make script that say NORMAL. 1.White felt over white stitched in same color thread 2. Blue felt over white stitched in blue color thread 3. Yellow felt over white stitched in yellow color thread

Double applique hot kiss cut large patches

Custom patches are perfectly crafted in a way that gives your garments a unique and classy look. The most common chenille patches are the ones that are used to show achievements and grades. You can use chenille patches to create brand awareness with the style. Chenille patches are made up of cotton, wool, silk, and rayon. Sometimes with the combination of these materials and other times with the blend of these materials. It also may include twill/backer fabric, fusion (woven, unwoven) and applique.

Chenille patches usually come for letterman jackets which are mostly used by school students or for uniforms. Students show their grades or achievements with them on the back or arm of the jacket. It makes their jackets bold but classy at the same time. There are many types of patches available in our shop which match your needs.

Dance Patches

Our chenille dance patches are the perfect way to show achievements and rank on the stage or anywhere else in the season. If you are a leader of your cheerleading team our dance patch will perfectly show your rank and also make you cool. You can paste it on the arm of the letterman jacket.

Funny Patches

Isn’t it funny that with every day passing by you feel nothing is changing but when you see back you are completely a different person? Our chenille funny quotes patches are perfect to remind you how things have been changing in your life in the slightest way.

Chenille funny patches make for a perfect way to keep track of your life and the changes you’ve been going through. They are a great way to keep track of your life changes, both big and small. They’re also perfect for everyday wear or as a gift for a friend who could use a good laugh. Remember, any funny quote on your clothing can help you stay mindful of the changes in your life. As time goes on, it’s easy to forget all of the small moments that have made up our lives. By having a physical reminder of these changes, we can be more intentional with how we live our lives. The next time you feel like nothing is changing, take a look at your chenille funny quotes patch and remember that change is always happening.

Greek Letters

Greek is one of the ancient languages which are still used by people. It has been used for centuries and continues to be popular today. Being used worldwide for different purposes, chenille Greek letter patches are perfect for the native people or for the people who love this language. You can show a unique identity, support and taste with it. If you’re looking for an interesting and antique patch, these are definitely worth considering. Display the pride with a heritage now.

Mascot Patches

white tiger face chenille filled chain stitched embroidery mascot patch in big size for a hoody jacket back

Looking for a way to add personality and individuality to your wardrobe? Look no further than our custom made mascot patches! These unique and engaging patches are the perfect way to show your team spirit, or simply add some fun flair to an otherwise plain jacket or hoodie. Whether you’re looking for something school related, like a mascot patch, or something more general, like a funny cartoon character, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Best of all, these patches are completely customizable, so you can choose your favorite design and color scheme.

Also, mascot face large patches are perfect for an ideal gift, especially if you need something special because of your profession or hobby!

Chevrons on Letterman Jacket

customized letterman’s jacket

If you want to look as well as want to show off your rank in school uniform in the coolest way then chenille chevrons patches are for you. You can place them on the sleeve of your uniform to show your juniors who is the boss.

Custom Embroidered Letters

Patches define obsession while letters describe personality. If you are fond of embroidery plus sayings, Tylor-made letters in embroidery are for you. Or, looking to have a pattern of your favorite design on the shirt or jacket of your choice PatchMania is pleased to assist.

We help our customers fonts and scripts both in a patch shape or cut out each letter separately. Hot cut alphabets give you more room to paste your custom slogans as per your wish. Whereas, framing in scripts lets you have brand names on a single piece of fabric/twill that you can not cut off yourself. If you’re more indulge to customize your jackets playing with letters, we provide you each letters laser cut for your assistance.

You just have to give us a design of your choice and our team will take care of the rest.

Custom Felt Patches

Felt patches are for those who like classy yet simple things. As when you think felt patches you think that it is embroidered patches but they are not. Felt patches offer a different look than embroidered patches.

Chenille embroidery letter can be used for sweaters, lettermen, Hoodies and other clothing. Patch Mania gets your brand name in a form of frizzy yarn thread. Recently, one of our customers received a huge shout when he wore bedazzled letterman jackets created by us. This is the reason we are one of top ranking patch maker helping small business to build brand recognition.

Custom Monogram Patches

If you want to create brand awareness or business awareness or you want to promote yourself then monogram patches are here for your help. You just have to send the initial letters of your name or company’s name letter or send us a design of your letters and we will do the rest for you.

Patch Mania is the ultimate solution to any type of above-mentioned chenille patches. We do chenille fuzzy letters at wholesale like a pro and you would feel doing it yourself. And this is what believe in due to our quick 24/7 customer support. Above all, our support team does not believe in only selling, they mean to help and resolve issues. Don’t be late to send you the design at, we ensure an instant help with right choice of embroidery under minutes.


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